Girls are told not to be bossy in the same way that women are led to believe they’re not meant to be bosses. BOSSY Chicago exists to change that.

We exist to uplift and support women and non-binary small business owners in our city. We think it’s bullshit that women spend 80% of consumer dollars in the U.S. but our businesses only earn 4% of the revenue.

Money is power. And we have the power to move the needle for women entrepreneurs. Where we spend our money means something, whether we are aware of it or not. We choose to shift our purchasing power, slowly but surely, to women. And we’re starting by supporting the women-owned small business in our own neighborhoods.

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showing up

We believe in showing up to support women in our community. Conversations are important, but doing something is powerful. Feminism is about the everyday work of uplifting the women around us. It’s time to show up with our dollars and buy women-owned.

speaking up

When women speak up, we’re told to sit down. Women of color, queer women, trans women, disabled women, poor women, and immigrant women often aren’t allowed to speak at all. We resist the power structures that have not only held women down, but that still refuse marginalized people a place at the table. When we spend money, we give away power. We choose to care about who we’re giving our power to.

being bossy

We have the power to change the conversation about women in positions of authority. Girls are reprimanded with the word bossy while boys are encouraged to speak up. Powerful women are called bitches and powerful men are called leaders. Instead of vilifying lady bosses, we celebrate them. Because girls need to know that being bossy isn’t a bad thing.