Female entrepreneurs, don't forget self-care

Insights from Rachel Green (female leadership guru, founder of Leader Ship Box, and CEO of A Brand Called U)

“Make sure that you take care of yourself. I think self-care is very important, that it’s important to understand that if you can’t survive, you’re unable to help other people… It’s ok to be selfish when you need to be.” - Rachel Green

Rachel Green is an accomplished entrepreneur, and has made it her life’s work to uplift fellow female entrepreneurs: “I consider myself to be a human capital investor. So essentially what that means to me is that I am very passionate about growing, educating, and expanding the pipeline for female entrepreneurs across the globe.”

Through her work as CEO of A Brand Called U, Rachel has not only worked with large companies (the Sox, Bulls, and Bears to name a few), but she has also developed close relationships with countless female entrepreneurs, helping them develop their brand and grow their thought leadership. Her biggest lesson from all of this work? Don’t forget about yourself. “I’m a mother and so I tend to take care of others before I take care of myself. And so, not until almost two and a half years ago did I really start taking care of me, personally and for my brand. So in PR, I’m constantly promoting other organizations, increasing thought leadership for businesses across the globe. But not once had I taken the time… for my own brand to begin to develop it.”

Women, whether we are mothers or not, tend to think of others’ needs before our own. Rachel is a brand expert. The only brand she neglected? Her own. 

Now she wants Leader Ship Box to create space for women to take care of themselves, with the mission “to empower multicultural women to make educated choices in every aspect of their professional and personal lives by supplying affordable sources of literature and access to virtual workshops and career development conferences.” This is no ordinary subscription box service; Rachel is creating a “community of powerhouse women” because she understands the impact it can have on female entrepreneurs. She explained, “Being in a space with like minded women who are also open and honest gives you an opportunity to decompress, learn from one another, build genuine relationships, even outside of business… as mothers, asking questions about motherhood or raising your kids, balancing life. So, I think that it’s important because no one can understand you better than another woman.”

No one can understand you better than another woman
— Rachel Green

If you’d like to hear more from Rachel and get a glimpse into the community she is creating, check out their Chicago kickoff, the Lady Leader Tour, to hear from a panel of prominent female leaders and network with like-minded women! (Use code BOSSY for $5 off your ticket.)

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