Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian gives us a few wellness tips

When we heard about RE: Chiropractic + Wellness in Andersonville, and how much all her patients love her, we had to have the owner Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian tell us more. 

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Bossy: What is RE: Chiropractic + Wellness all about?

It’s a wellness hangout - expect a warm welcome, relaxed vibe, and hospitable experience. We know your time is important so we do our best to honor your appointment requests (even same day), run on time, deliver information in a direct manner, and use technology that makes it easy for us to quickly connect.


B: What’s the deal with chiropractic? How do I know if I should try it?

SG: People either don’t know much about it or are big fans. Poor posture? Your spine could be out of alignment. And that’s what the chiropractic adjustment treats. If you’re already to the point of aches and pains that’s even more reason to get checked out. We love talking about the daily habits contributing to your health concerns (spoiler: sleeping on your stomach is bad, don’t sit on that thick wallet, lighten the load in your messenger bag, drink more water). 

People either don’t know much about it or are big fans.
— Dr. Sarah Ghorbanian, RE: Chiropractic + Wellness

B: What inspired you to start RE: Chiropractic + Wellness?  

SG: True story: I told Doug Sohn of Hot Doug’s I was thinking of going off on my own. I wasn’t having fun in my practice anymore and working for others had gotten boring. He told me to go for it, he knew I could do it and I’d never go back to working for someone else. So there you go, it was an idea hatched over encased meats, my friend. 

B: What’s your biggest piece of advice for women who want to follow in your footsteps?

SG: Know your worth. If you feel your product or service is better than average, charge more than the average going rate. Doug told me “no one ever went broke charging too much.” 

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