ARE YOU A Women-owned business? Join us!

It’s free to list your business on Bossy. To be listed on the Women-Owned Directory, your business must meet the following requirements:

  1. Based in the Chicago area

  2. At least 60% owned by women and/or non-binary individuals OR all owner-operators of the business identify as women and/or non-binary


How to get listed:

1. Create your business directory account

Click this link to open a new window and create an account.

2. Populate your business profile

On your dashboard, fill in your business information under “Contact Details”, “Profile Photo”, “Listing Details”, and “About Me” tabs.

Note: To ensure that potential customers can find you, be sure to select:

  • A “Top Category” under “Contact Details”

  • One specific category designation under “Listing Details”

3. Activate your business account

Make your business listing live on the Bossy Directory by verifying your email address. You should receive an email from with the subject line: [Action Required] Please verify your email - Bossy Chicago.

4. If you have multiple locations, make separate listings

A listing on our directory can only accommodate one physical location at this time. To list multiple locations, you should create a new account and make a separate listing for each location. Alternatively, you can list secondary locations in the description of your original listing, but only the official address attached to the listing will be searchable by location to customers who visit the directory.

5. Spread the word

We're keeping our basic directory listings completely free for you to be a part of so that we can include as many small businesses as possible. We want the Bossy directory to be a community resource, helping everyone in Chicago discover women-owned businesses in their neighborhoods. If you like what we're doing, all we ask is that you show your appreciation by spreading the word. Send this page to your fellow women business owners to help us grow the directory, post about us on social media by sharing a link to our site and tagging us @bossychicago, and ask your newsletter subscribers to subscribe to our newsletter as well at this link. And if you really love us, buy a t-shirt to show us off


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