Why sustainability can be a competitive advantage for business owners

Reed Evans, Scale It Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs


We all know that investing in sustainability is the right thing to do for the wellbeing of this planet and the people on it. What most people don’t realize is that sustainable companies actually perform better financially

“This is actually an advantage. There’s a value to it now and in the future.”

We sat down with Reed Evans, the founder and directory of Scale It Up! Sustainability: Training for Women Entrepreneurs. Though her organization, she provides triple-bottom-line training, helping entrepreneurs build their companies with people, planet, and profit in mind. In business, discussions about sustainability are shockingly absent:

“We’re teaching women entrepreneurs, and all entrepreneurs, to build businesses that don’t take communities or the environment into consideration, they just go for the bottom line profit.”

Being sustainable for people and the planet doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing profit. If a company isn’t profitable, it can’t be sustainable. And increasingly, especially for companies selling directly to consumers, sustainability is paying off

“There’s a lot of pressure to become more sustainable so there’s a lot of opportunities and benefits that come. And a lot more consumers… are increasingly interested in sustainable products and services. But I don’t think that information is provided to entrepreneurs.”

Reed is on a mission to educate female entrepreneurs on the advantages of building a sustainable business and bash the myths that sustainability is always expensive. 

“There’s a lot of myths surrounding sustainability… that it’s always really expensive and it takes so much more time for people to do it. There’s some truth in certain circumstances and then there’s other truths in which there’s actually cost reductions and there’s also possibly opening up new markets, retaining top talent, and those are advantages. So, I’d like to provide those to women entrepreneurs.”

If you’d like to learn more about how to incorporate sustainability into your business, check out the upcoming Scale It Up! workshops

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