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Help us make sure that all women-owned businesses in Chicago are represented on our map. See something missing? Let us know! 

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We carefully look at all submissions and include businesses based on the principles of encouraging women’s economic empowerment, financial independence, and gender equity. We screen based on who owns and operates the business. While ownership on paper is not always 100% by women, we focus on women or non-binary individuals being primary owners, operators, and decision-makers within the business. 
Right now, we're highlighting businesses with brick & mortar storefronts. However, if your business falls outside of our currently listed industries or geography, we encourage you to still get in touch so that you can be included on our map in the future as we expand. 
We want to have as many businesses and neighborhoods as possible represented on the map. Whether you are a business owner or a loyal customer, please contribute businesses and help us grow!