Women-Owned Branding Materials

Women-Owned Branding Materials

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*Note: These branding materials are only intended for members of the Women-Owned Business Directory. If you are not yet listed on the directory, sign up here!*

Build customer loyalty by using our Women-Owned branding in your storefront and website. We've seen it over and over again, women and feminists of all genders are excited and energized when they learn that the products, services, and businesses that they already love were started by ambitious women entrepreneurs, like you. 

What’s included?

  • Permission to use our branding: By purchasing our women-owned branding materials, you get permission to use our copyrighted graphics for promoting your business. (Included in every package.)

  • Digital badges: Digital files of “Women-Owned” badges that you can use on your website to show your customers that you are women-owned. You will be sent the women-owned badges via email in 2 different configurations and sizes to ensure they fit on your site. The badges are of a similar design as the window decal pictured. You will receive these badges via email within 3 business days of your purchase. (Included in every package.)

  • Window decal + shipping: A window decal (5” x 3”) to be placed in your storefront window to show your customers that you are women-owned. Decals will be shipped within 3 business days of your purchase. (Not included in the “Digital Badges Only” package.)

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